The Basics of Sun Safety for Kids

As long as experience one time of blistering sunburn in childhood, it may cause your child to develop melanoma in their lifetime. This is the most deadly skin cancer. Children’s skin is young and sensitive, which make them particularly vulnerable to damaging UV rays, so give your child the best care to protect your child from getting the risk of skin cancer.

Sun safety can be a huge problem if you have children. Stick to apply the sunscreen to your child and make it become a habit for their whole life time. Protecting children’s skin is one of the most important things we can do. The risk of skin cancer begins to accumulate at an early stage. According to a study at Brown University, at least five blistering sunburns before the age of 20 increases the risk of melanoma by 80%. Even children with dark skin can get sunburn and are at the risk of skin cancer when they grow up. In other words, everyone needs not only to slather up, but they also need to take measures to avoid damaging UV rays.  

Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays make the skin tan; ultraviolet B (UVB) rays can cause skin to burn. Many people think that the tanned skin looks more healthy and attractive. So they go to the beach to bath in the sunshine or get indoor tanning. In fact, tanning is not healthy. Suntans and sunburns are signs that skin cells have been damaged by solar radiation. In the past, UVB was thought to be the chief culprit that leads to skin cancer, but new research shows that UVA is equally damaging. This is especially worrisome because UVA rays are 30 to 50 times more common than ordinary ultraviolet rays and they penetrate deeper into skin cells.  

SPF or sun protection factor indicates that a sunscreen’s effectiveness at preventing sunburns. If your child’s skin turns red within 10 minutes without sunscreen, then SPF 15 will increase the time (10 minutes) by a factor of 15, which means that sunscreen can protect you for nearly 150 minutes or 2 and a half hours. It is recommended to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, which blocks 93% of UVB rays. Higher SPF provides even greater protection, SPF 30 blocks 97% of UVB and SPF 50+ blocks 98% of UV rays, and you can find SPF on the sunscreen label.

There are other ways to protect kids from UV damage, such as wearing sun-protective clothing, sun hats as well as sunglasses. Sun-protective clothes will cover most skin of the body. Sun-protective clothes have UPF rating of 30+ can blocks about 96 percent of UV rays, and clothes with a UPF rating of 50+ can block 98% UV rays, which means it offers you the best protection from the sun and the harmful UV rays. Sun hats are the most common accessories that we often wear in summer to protect our face and head from the sun. For children, they are more likely to get sunburned because they like to go out for exploring the world. Therefore, make your kids wear sun hats to keep them protected from the sun. Bucket hats are a kind of fashionable and durable hat that features with interesting patterns which kids likes them so much, so they are willing to wear hats.

History of Military Hats

Military fashion has a long and glorious history. The army’s regalia reflect many nations’ history and their approach to war. Military headgear has changed dramatically over the years, from decade to decade and country to country. The development of military hat has been through a long time, during this process, military hat has undergone earth-shaking changes.

Before the invention of gunpowder, the helmet was the preferred headgear for soldiers. Ancient Greek and Roman soldiers relied on helmets to protect themselves. This practice continued in the middle ages. During the Wars of the Roses in the 15th century, knights wore all-concealing steel helmets with small grilles to breathe. The armor became so heavy that knights often used special cranes to load them onto their horses. But the matchlock musket made this armor useless. By the middle of the Renaissance, armor became lighter and simpler, because no metal could withstand musket balls or artillery. From the 16th century to the 20th century, helmets were replaced with cloth, felt, canvas and silk hats.

With the disappearance of helmets, military headgear became a fashionable statement. By the 17th century, musketeers and cavalry officers preferred soft hats with various sizes of brims. Soldiers usually wear feathers of all sizes and colors on their hats. These unique decorations added a fashion vibe to the hats. The brim was usually fastened to the side of the hat, making shooting a musket easier.

In the 18th century, soldiers wore tri-cornered hats, which was a standard wide-brimmed hat pinned in three places. These hats were very common during the American Revolution. The idea of the tricorne hat was based on siphoning rainwater and protecting the face and eyes from the sun. Soldiers across Europe wore these tricorne hats. Some units, such as the Austrian army, wore this hat throughout the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century.

Similarly, the more long-lasting hat worn by the soldiers was the bicorne, which was pinned in two places. The bicorne was originally worn only by officers, just like Napoleon Bonaparte who worn the hat with its ends pointing forward and back or pointing sideways. The wide-brimmed hats were still worn by the soldiers throughout this period, especially among less formal infantry units.

During the Napoleonic Era, the fashion within each army changed. The French soldier wore a hat, which is a tall and conical with a small feather on the brim. The British infantry wore a variation of the shako. Prussians began wearing pointed helmets, a trend that lasted until World War I. By the mid-19th century, troops began wearing “kepi”, a squat visored cap from the American Civil War.

At the beginning of the 20th century, World War I introduced the most deadly weapons known by the western world, including machine guns and poison gas. Soldiers no longer fought face to face on the battlefield, but in a form of stealth and camouflage that has become a feature of modern warfare. Berets, bucket hat, and garrison caps have become the main headgear of the U.S. military, while European countries have adopted similar styles. 

Ultraviolet Rays Damage of the Sun

Fresh air, sunshine and adventure give us a happy, healthy and challenging experience. Although the best benefit of outdoor activities is that we can spend the day in the fresh air and sunshine, it is wise to put on sun-protective clothing so that you can enjoy more fun in the sun.

Invisible to the naked eye, ultraviolet (UV) rays are part of the electromagnetic energy from the sun. Both the longwave of UVA rays and the shortwave of UVB rays can penetrate the earth’s atmosphere and cause damage to our skin. It is estimated that 95% of the radiation reaching the earth’s surface comes from UVA rays. UVA rays can cause wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of premature aging. UVB rays cause sunburn and even skin cancer because they damage the top layer of the skin. The UV index measures the average person’s level of risk of damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Sunlight is a major source of ultraviolet radiation. Exposure to UV rays can cause sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer. UV rays damage the DNA of skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer. 

Therefore, it’s important to know how to stay out of the sun when you are playing outside. Wearing a UPF sun-protective hat is one of the safest ways to do this. Although there are many types of sun-protective hats on the market, such as straw hats, bucket hats, fedora hats and more. When choosing a hat, make sure it is specifically designed for sun protection and tested to confirm its UPF rating.

UPF is a system that for evaluating the effectiveness of fabrics against both UVA and UVB rays. This rating is a number that indicates the level of sun protection of the hat. The larger the number, the greater the protection. Most of sun hats come with a UPF 50+ protection rating, which is the highest protection rating. A UPF of 50+ hat blocks out more than 98 percent of UV rays, which means less than 2 percent of UV rays reach your skin, reducing your exposure to the sunlight. In general, hats with high UPF ratings and wide brims are especially useful for protecting you from the sun and its rays.    

There are many fair-skinned people who are prone to sunburn and are more vulnerable to UV rays. Even if you have a darker complexion and rarely get sunburn, you can still develop skin cancer. Children’s skin is thinner and more sensitive. Sun damage at an early age also increases their risk of skin cancer later in life. Since 80 percent of skin damage occurs before the age of 18, it’s good to get kids started to wear sunscreen as early as possible. People who spend a lot of time outdoors at high elevations are exposed to more intense UV rays. Because the atmosphere is less capable of absorbing harmful UV radiation, it is important to stay protected at high altitudes.

Thick, dense, and darker fabrics can better reduce the transmission of UV rays. Synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and nylon keep out of the sun more effectively than natural fabrics such as cotton and hemp.

1920s Hats for Men

In the 1920s, men always wore the hats. Men of all classes wore casual or sporty hats, such as newsboy hats. Men wore wool newsboy hats in winter. In summer, they usually wore straw boater hats or skimmer hats, gambler hats, and fedoras. Straw Panama hats were the summer hats only worn by the rich. Most middle-class men wore felt bowler or derby hat in black or brown. Fedoras and Homburg hats became popular at that time, and it was worn by businessmen, while men still wore top hats on formal occasions.

Men’s hats changed with the seasons during the 1920s. In warm summers, such as the straw boaters, Panamas and Longhorns as well as linen flat caps appeared in the time of the Great Gatsby. In cooler seasons, men tended to opt for conservative suits, such as bowler hats, derbies and fedoras. Now let’s take a look at the 1920s hats for men.

The most common hat in the Great Gatsby is the flat cap. Men liked wearing tweed hats, which reflected their status. They were also known as Ivy caps, driver hats, newsboy caps, golf caps, and driving caps. It was made up of eight triangular panels with a covered button made of the same material at the top. In general, 1920s hats looked baggy, not as tight as hats you see today. In summer, these hats were made of light-colored linen or cotton poplin material and lined with silk for breathing. In cool seasons, hats were usually made of tweed, herringbone wool and corduroy. In winter, people wore darker-colored hats, such as blue, gray and brown.

On hot summer days, straw hats were even more popular than flat hats. People in the 1920s were outdoor enthusiasts, from tennis to cycling to driving cars such these outdoor sports became their new hobbies. Boating became so popular that people began to wear boater hats and skimmer straw hats. A boater hat had a larger brim, while a skimmer straw hat with a smaller brim.

Another common straw hat in the summer was the Panama hat, especially the Optimo Panama hat. This hand-woven and very lightweight straw hat was made of reed straw that imported from Ecuador. It can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket, making it easy to carry. The rounded crown and rolled creases down the center of the hat forms the style of the hat. Authentic Panama hats were very expensive, so only the rich could afford them.

The bowler hat was formerly an oval shaped hard riding hat, designed to protect a person’s head when riding through bushes and ducking under branches. From the beginning of the 20th century, the material of the hard hats softened, the bowler also known as the derby was the most common man’s hat of the early 1920s and an alternative to the top hat. Black bowler hats were the most popular hats, and men also wore hats in other colors, such as brown, gray, and tan to match their suits.  

Nowadays, there are many kinds of men’s hats in the market, such as bucket hat, Panama hats, derby, bowlers and more. You can choose any hat you like.

How Men Wear Hats with Outfits?

If you don’t have a summer hat yet, it’s time to get yourself one as soon as possible. Hats are one of the most essential accessories for every summer. As an accessory, the hat completes or even changes your entire outfit. So buy a stylish hat and you won’t regret it! But before we do that, we need to figure out what kind of hats we wear and how to pair them with other clothes to create a sense of fashion style for everyday life.

One of the most popular men’s hats is the fedora hat, but you can opt for straw hats in summer, which are lighter and more comfortable than any other materials. If you prefer casual or street style, you can wear casual clothes, such as jeans, loose T-shirts and sneakers, pairing with a bucket hat. For a more classic look, you can try a flat hat, which is less formal than a fedora. Many stylish men wear a trilby, which looks like a fedora hat but has a smaller brim. Pair it with a white shirt, black pants or jeans and you’ll look great. 

There are many kinds of hats, and different kinds of hats have different ways of matching. If you want to know how to wear a hat and how it makes your outfit look great, you can refer to the following combinations.

  • Fedora

Whether you like it or not, fedoras have been around for a long time. From the headgear of choice for gangsters in the 1920s and 1950s to a staple of hipster clothing in the 21st century, fedoras are perhaps one of the most polarizing men’s accessories. Although fedoras come in a variety of sizes and colors, it is recommended that you choose neutral colors and medium-sized fedoras. Fedoras are usually worn in winter, and you can pair them with your suit and overcoat to get a British style.

  • Trilby

Although trilby hats are often confused with fedoras, a trilby is a different kind of hat. They are often made of tweed or straw, while fedora hats are often made of wool. Moreover, the trilby features with a smaller brim but a taller crown than the fedora, which you can wear it from spring to fall. This is a stylish hat rather than a functional one. You can wear a wind coat pairing with a same colored trilby, the overall look is cool.

  • Snapback

After becoming increasingly popular among Yankees fans, the ’90s style baseball cap quickly entered the fashion world. Today, snapbacks have cornered the market, with hat connoisseurs, ballers, fashionistas and cool kids all over the world wearing these hats. Its name comes from the adjustable fastener on the back of the cap. However, the snapback is more rigid in design, making the hat more structured. You can pair it with shirt or jacket. It will add a cool vibe to your outfit.    

  • Bucket Hat

With the popularity of various musical and skater subcultures, the bucket hat has gone from a humble fisherman’s hat into a cool hat. Most bucket hats for men are made of nylon, cotton or denim. Bucket hats have wide and downward-sloping brims, like an inverted bucket. They’ve been one of the most popular hats around the world. Bucket hats create casual style, street style, sporty style and any other styles that you want. It can be worn with your casual clothing, such as T-shirt, shorts, denim even the suits.  

DIY Bucket Hats

Everyone has their own creativity and imagination. If there are things and tools in your house, a great idea and imaginative thoughts are rushing to your mind. For those who like to do things by themselves, they prefer to use everything to create miracles. Some thoughtful people like to make some clothing to their kids, such as sweater, hats and scarves. Bucket hats are so popular this year due to their colorful patterns and designs. If you want to make a reversible bucket hat for your kids, you kids would be very happy. Here are the detailed steps that help you to do a reversible bucket hat.

You need to prepare some materials: patterns, fabric, brim of the hat and sewing tools.

Step 1

Print your favorite patterns and paste the parts together on the big triangles. In addition to the crown, cut two pieces from the two fabrics. You just need to cut one piece from each fabric for the crown. You should have 4 side pieces, 4 brim pieces and 2 crown pieces.

Step 2

Remove the side pieces and stitch them together on the right side along the short side, using only 1/2″ seam allowance.

Step 3

Fix the sides to the top of the side panel to match the three notches. The single notches should be matched with side seams. Thus, you must cut the side panels so that to make them fit the crown. Sew the crown to the side panels using 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seam allowances to the side panels with fingers. Stitch the seam allowances to the side panels for a better look.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 for the secondary fabric.

Step 5

Sew the two brim pieces together on the right sides at the side seams. Connect the secondary brim fabric to ensure stability. If you want to use quilting cotton, make sure to connect the secondary fabric. Sew the main fabric and the secondary side seams together.

Step 6

Fasten the two brim pieces together on the right side. Sew the bottom of the brim with 1/2″ seam allowance. Turn the brim to the right and press it. Next, sew concentric circles around the brim at 1/4″ intervals to add additional stiffness.

Step 7

Attach the brims together and attach them to the sides of the hat to make the brims fit. Use 1/2″ seam allowance to stitch the pieces together.

Step 8

Turn your hat to the other side. Take the crown and sides of the second layer of fabric and press down 1/2 inch on the raw side. Then put the folded edge over the raw edges of the hat. To place the side edges on the secondary fabric, you need to use blind stich.

Step 9

Turn the hat to the main fabric side and stitch along the edge of the seam where the side panels passes through all the layers to keep the two sides of the hat together.

Now, you have completed a reversible bucket hat. Actually, these steps are not difficult as you can see; as long as you have prepared all things then you can make it.

The Materials of Bucket Hats

The original invention of the bucket hat was adopted the traditional cotton, tweed and stiff fabrics. Since it has through over a century’s development, the material of bucket hat has been made of several kinds of textures. Different materials have different styles and functions for people’s wearing. In general, bucket hats can be divided into six kinds of materials. They are velvet, sequins, plastic, patent leather, denim and cotton.

  • Velvet bucket hats

The bucket hat of velvet fabric is very suitable for winter wear. In winter, the bucket hat with this material is very warm. The khaki woollen coat is matched with a black velvet bucket hat to show the retro and modern atmosphere.

  • Sequins bucket hats

The bucket hat with black background is covered with colourful sequins, which embellishes the solid-colour bucket hat very well. It is very sexy with a black gauze dress, and the added sequins are shining in the sun, which is very suitable for travelling in summer. With this bucket hat, you will stand out from the crowd wherever you are.

  • Plastic bucket hats

Bucket hats have been favoured by haute couture brands since the past two years, with these big brands using different materials and silhouettes to give bucket hats new vitality. In last year, Chanel 2018 spring and summer series big show again pushed PVC item to the climax, including all kinds of PVC bags, coats and shoes. They have become a popular series for a long time. Chanel also launched this fairy style of PVC lucid bucket hats, which became a fashion item for street photographers and stars. This hat is perfect for rainy days, the headwear like an umbrella. This PVC lucid bucket hat is also comfortable and refreshing in summer. It has been played out by fashionistas, with some opting to wear this bucket hat in autumn and winter to create a sharp contrast. The white velvet dress is paired with a white bag, with a lucid PVC bucket hat, a pair of PVC boots, and a pair of PVC gloves. This PVC outfit looks good and stylish.

  • Patent leather bucket hats

This black patent leather bucket hat looks very shiny. It has a perfect waterproof function by using this patent leather material. Besides, it is very resistant to dirt. If the hat is dirty, you just need to wipe it with water. The black patent leather bucket hat with a black leather coat is a good match. This combination is very street style.

  • Denim bucket hats

The denim bucket hat with a white T-shirt is very simple and stylish which shows a person’s personality. The most attractive thing is that the outline of the brim is outlined by white lines on the surface of the hat, decorating the monotonous denim blue.

  • Cotton bucket hats

The cotton bucket hat is light, soft and breathable. The soft fabric of the bucket hat can be folded and put into the bag at any time. And the cotton bucket hat is the first choice for many people at present because this bucket hat is light and comfortable.

All in all, the bucket hat is now made of a variety of materials; different materials show different textures and give you different feelings.

The Top of the Bucket Hat

The top of the bucket hat is usually divided into flat top and dome top. The shape of the flat top is like a flower pot or a water basin; and the contour of the flat top is more stereoscopic, for girls who have long and big can use this hat to play a very good decoration effect.

The bucket hat of the dome has a more rounded appearance, but it lacks some three-dimensional effect, especially for the part of the head. It is easy to cover the top of the head. It is not suitable for girls with rounded heads or fleshy faces.

The dome of the bucket hat looks cuter; the flat top looks more cool and handsome, which is much more favoured by many boys. The bucket hat with dome is more difficult to match than the flat top so that the flat top of the bucket hat is also more popular among people. The most common choice of the bucket hat is the dome one. The bucket hat adopts the design of rolled-up brim and a small circle around the hat, which looks very rounded and lovely.

For the flat top style of a bucket hat, the conventional and flat of the hat presents a kind of handsome style on the street. In addition to the dome and flat top of the bucket hat, there are also high and low top of the hat. The low top is not suitable for rounded faces and square faces; otherwise, it will make the face look rounder and squarer. The dome top and the brim of the bucket hat are generally small. The smaller the brim is, the bigger the face is. That means the defects of your face will be exposed. It is suitable for people who have small faces, but people with big faces should choose carefully. The flat top bucket hat has a clear outline and smooth lines, which is better than the small dome bucket hat. Therefore, the bucket hat with a dome top and the small brim is cute and fashionable, but that is really difficult to match for people who have big faces.

This floral-printed bucket hat is dome top which is ideal for small faces and short-haired girls. In addition, this dark green hat with white lines, paired with a casual dark green jacket, which is very stylish. It seems that both these two dome bucket hats have a very narrow and small brim. For the small-faced person, they just cover their heads and look very cute.

The flat-topped bucket hat looks more three-dimensional with the wide brim. It looks very energetic and stylish. This purple bucket hat with embroidered text is very stylish with a denim shirt, and this hat is more suitable for a girl with a rounded face. Shoulder-length short hair is also very suitable for this hat. In addition, this white bucket hat with logo letters looks very simple and it is suitable for long-faced girls. In short, this hat looks great no matter what clothes you wear.

Tips for You to Choose a Good Bucket Hat

How to wear a bucket-hat is important and it is not an easy thing. Also, it is very difficult to choose a good style of a bucket hat, not to mention to wear it. Although you can see many street hipsters and stars such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber and other celebrities or stars wearing a variety of styles of bucket hats, they look very nice, but if you wear a bucket hat like that it doesn’t necessarily have that effect. In the summer of 2017, the bucket hat became a trendy item in the fashion world and it was favoured by many people. A variety of styles of bucket hats emerged. In this year, the bucket hat is still a must-have item for street hipsters and stars.

Not everyone looks good in a bucket hat. Some people wear a bucket hat with a simple colour and style, but a stylish atmosphere has been revealed. While some people just regard it as a normal hat with no other difference. The bucket hat only plays the role of hats. So how to choose the right bucket hat determines the best combinations you can have. Knowing how to wear a bucket hat will definitely make you stand out from the rest.

The bucket hat has no immobilized structure; it is unstructured and made of soft fabric. It has a moderate wide brim which makes it very soft and flexible. It also has some mesh holes and strings on both sides of the hat, the mesh holes are used to dissipate the heat generated by your head, and the windproof string is to prevent your hat from being blown away by the strong wind, which is safer and more comfortable.

The bucket hat is suitable for casual styles. It can be easily worn by men, women and children. It can also be worn on a variety of occasions. If you want to go fishing or hiking, a bucket hat with a moderate brim can provide sun protection for your face and neck and won’t block your vision. You can wear it when you go out with your friends, to shop or just walk around the street. Needless to say, the soft bucket hat can be easily folded and put into your bag when you go travelling.

The bucket hat is easy to preserve. Most of the bucket hats can be easily washed by hands or by the washing machine. If there are wrinkles on the hat, you can iron it and it will be flattened soon.

Most of the bucket hats are made of cotton or mixed cotton. There are other materials such as denim, patent leather and so on. Among these materials of the bucket hat, I would like to recommend you a cotton bucket hat, because a bucket hat made of cotton is softer and more comfortable to wear.

Bucket hats have many different style variations; therefore, the choice to the bucket hat entirely depends on your personal preferences. If you like simple and plain colours, you can choose solid colours such as white or black. There are many other colours, such as khaki, light blue, olive green, yellow or purple. If you want to pursue a bolder style, then the printed-pattern style of the hat may be a good choice for you. There are many patterns for you to choose, such as flowers and stripes. You can also consider buying a double-sided hat so that you can switch between the two colours and change in the two styles.

I hope that with all the above tips, you can find a good bucket hat that suits your needs and preferences.