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1920s Hats for Men

In the 1920s, men always wore the hats. Men of all classes wore casual or sporty hats, such as newsboy hats. Men wore wool newsboy hats in winter. In summer, they usually wore straw boater hats or skimmer hats, gambler hats, and fedoras. Straw Panama hats were the summer hats only worn by the rich. Most middle-class men wore felt bowler or derby hat in black or brown. Fedoras and Homburg hats became popular at that time, and it was worn by businessmen, while men still wore top hats on formal occasions.

Men’s hats changed with the seasons during the 1920s. In warm summers, such as the straw boaters, Panamas and Longhorns as well as linen flat caps appeared in the time of the Great Gatsby. In cooler seasons, men tended to opt for conservative suits, such as bowler hats, derbies and fedoras. Now let’s take a look at the 1920s hats for men.

The most common hat in the Great Gatsby is the flat cap. Men liked wearing tweed hats, which reflected their status. They were also known as Ivy caps, driver hats, newsboy caps, golf caps, and driving caps. It was made up of eight triangular panels with a covered button made of the same material at the top. In general, 1920s hats looked baggy, not as tight as hats you see today. In summer, these hats were made of light-colored linen or cotton poplin material and lined with silk for breathing. In cool seasons, hats were usually made of tweed, herringbone wool and corduroy. In winter, people wore darker-colored hats, such as blue, gray and brown.

On hot summer days, straw hats were even more popular than flat hats. People in the 1920s were outdoor enthusiasts, from tennis to cycling to driving cars such these outdoor sports became their new hobbies. Boating became so popular that people began to wear boater hats and skimmer straw hats. A boater hat had a larger brim, while a skimmer straw hat with a smaller brim.

Another common straw hat in the summer was the Panama hat, especially the Optimo Panama hat. This hand-woven and very lightweight straw hat was made of reed straw that imported from Ecuador. It can be rolled up and stuffed into a pocket, making it easy to carry. The rounded crown and rolled creases down the center of the hat forms the style of the hat. Authentic Panama hats were very expensive, so only the rich could afford them.

The bowler hat was formerly an oval shaped hard riding hat, designed to protect a person’s head when riding through bushes and ducking under branches. From the beginning of the 20th century, the material of the hard hats softened, the bowler also known as the derby was the most common man’s hat of the early 1920s and an alternative to the top hat. Black bowler hats were the most popular hats, and men also wore hats in other colors, such as brown, gray, and tan to match their suits.  

Nowadays, there are many kinds of men’s hats in the market, such as bucket hat, Panama hats, derby, bowlers and more. You can choose any hat you like.

How Men Wear Hats with Outfits?

If you don’t have a summer hat yet, it’s time to get yourself one as soon as possible. Hats are one of the most essential accessories for every summer. As an accessory, the hat completes or even changes your entire outfit. So buy a stylish hat and you won’t regret it! But before we do that, we need to figure out what kind of hats we wear and how to pair them with other clothes to create a sense of fashion style for everyday life.

One of the most popular men’s hats is the fedora hat, but you can opt for straw hats in summer, which are lighter and more comfortable than any other materials. If you prefer casual or street style, you can wear casual clothes, such as jeans, loose T-shirts and sneakers, pairing with a bucket hat. For a more classic look, you can try a flat hat, which is less formal than a fedora. Many stylish men wear a trilby, which looks like a fedora hat but has a smaller brim. Pair it with a white shirt, black pants or jeans and you’ll look great. 

There are many kinds of hats, and different kinds of hats have different ways of matching. If you want to know how to wear a hat and how it makes your outfit look great, you can refer to the following combinations.

  • Fedora

Whether you like it or not, fedoras have been around for a long time. From the headgear of choice for gangsters in the 1920s and 1950s to a staple of hipster clothing in the 21st century, fedoras are perhaps one of the most polarizing men’s accessories. Although fedoras come in a variety of sizes and colors, it is recommended that you choose neutral colors and medium-sized fedoras. Fedoras are usually worn in winter, and you can pair them with your suit and overcoat to get a British style.

  • Trilby

Although trilby hats are often confused with fedoras, a trilby is a different kind of hat. They are often made of tweed or straw, while fedora hats are often made of wool. Moreover, the trilby features with a smaller brim but a taller crown than the fedora, which you can wear it from spring to fall. This is a stylish hat rather than a functional one. You can wear a wind coat pairing with a same colored trilby, the overall look is cool.

  • Snapback

After becoming increasingly popular among Yankees fans, the ’90s style baseball cap quickly entered the fashion world. Today, snapbacks have cornered the market, with hat connoisseurs, ballers, fashionistas and cool kids all over the world wearing these hats. Its name comes from the adjustable fastener on the back of the cap. However, the snapback is more rigid in design, making the hat more structured. You can pair it with shirt or jacket. It will add a cool vibe to your outfit.    

  • Bucket Hat

With the popularity of various musical and skater subcultures, the bucket hat has gone from a humble fisherman’s hat into a cool hat. Most bucket hats for men are made of nylon, cotton or denim. Bucket hats have wide and downward-sloping brims, like an inverted bucket. They’ve been one of the most popular hats around the world. Bucket hats create casual style, street style, sporty style and any other styles that you want. It can be worn with your casual clothing, such as T-shirt, shorts, denim even the suits.