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The Top of the Bucket Hat

The top of the bucket hat is usually divided into flat top and dome top. The shape of the flat top is like a flower pot or a water basin; and the contour of the flat top is more stereoscopic, for girls who have long and big can use this hat to play a very good decoration effect.

The bucket hat of the dome has a more rounded appearance, but it lacks some three-dimensional effect, especially for the part of the head. It is easy to cover the top of the head. It is not suitable for girls with rounded heads or fleshy faces.

The dome of the bucket hat looks cuter; the flat top looks more cool and handsome, which is much more favoured by many boys. The bucket hat with dome is more difficult to match than the flat top so that the flat top of the bucket hat is also more popular among people. The most common choice of the bucket hat is the dome one. The bucket hat adopts the design of rolled-up brim and a small circle around the hat, which looks very rounded and lovely.

For the flat top style of a bucket hat, the conventional and flat of the hat presents a kind of handsome style on the street. In addition to the dome and flat top of the bucket hat, there are also high and low top of the hat. The low top is not suitable for rounded faces and square faces; otherwise, it will make the face look rounder and squarer. The dome top and the brim of the bucket hat are generally small. The smaller the brim is, the bigger the face is. That means the defects of your face will be exposed. It is suitable for people who have small faces, but people with big faces should choose carefully. The flat top bucket hat has a clear outline and smooth lines, which is better than the small dome bucket hat. Therefore, the bucket hat with a dome top and the small brim is cute and fashionable, but that is really difficult to match for people who have big faces.

This floral-printed bucket hat is dome top which is ideal for small faces and short-haired girls. In addition, this dark green hat with white lines, paired with a casual dark green jacket, which is very stylish. It seems that both these two dome bucket hats have a very narrow and small brim. For the small-faced person, they just cover their heads and look very cute.

The flat-topped bucket hat looks more three-dimensional with the wide brim. It looks very energetic and stylish. This purple bucket hat with embroidered text is very stylish with a denim shirt, and this hat is more suitable for a girl with a rounded face. Shoulder-length short hair is also very suitable for this hat. In addition, this white bucket hat with logo letters looks very simple and it is suitable for long-faced girls. In short, this hat looks great no matter what clothes you wear.