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DIY Bucket Hats

Everyone has their own creativity and imagination. If there are things and tools in your house, a great idea and imaginative thoughts are rushing to your mind. For those who like to do things by themselves, they prefer to use everything to create miracles. Some thoughtful people like to make some clothing to their kids, such as sweater, hats and scarves. Bucket hats are so popular this year due to their colorful patterns and designs. If you want to make a reversible bucket hat for your kids, you kids would be very happy. Here are the detailed steps that help you to do a reversible bucket hat.

You need to prepare some materials: patterns, fabric, brim of the hat and sewing tools.

Step 1

Print your favorite patterns and paste the parts together on the big triangles. In addition to the crown, cut two pieces from the two fabrics. You just need to cut one piece from each fabric for the crown. You should have 4 side pieces, 4 brim pieces and 2 crown pieces.

Step 2

Remove the side pieces and stitch them together on the right side along the short side, using only 1/2″ seam allowance.

Step 3

Fix the sides to the top of the side panel to match the three notches. The single notches should be matched with side seams. Thus, you must cut the side panels so that to make them fit the crown. Sew the crown to the side panels using 1/2″ seam allowance. Press seam allowances to the side panels with fingers. Stitch the seam allowances to the side panels for a better look.

Step 4

Repeat steps 1-3 for the secondary fabric.

Step 5

Sew the two brim pieces together on the right sides at the side seams. Connect the secondary brim fabric to ensure stability. If you want to use quilting cotton, make sure to connect the secondary fabric. Sew the main fabric and the secondary side seams together.

Step 6

Fasten the two brim pieces together on the right side. Sew the bottom of the brim with 1/2″ seam allowance. Turn the brim to the right and press it. Next, sew concentric circles around the brim at 1/4″ intervals to add additional stiffness.

Step 7

Attach the brims together and attach them to the sides of the hat to make the brims fit. Use 1/2″ seam allowance to stitch the pieces together.

Step 8

Turn your hat to the other side. Take the crown and sides of the second layer of fabric and press down 1/2 inch on the raw side. Then put the folded edge over the raw edges of the hat. To place the side edges on the secondary fabric, you need to use blind stich.

Step 9

Turn the hat to the main fabric side and stitch along the edge of the seam where the side panels passes through all the layers to keep the two sides of the hat together.

Now, you have completed a reversible bucket hat. Actually, these steps are not difficult as you can see; as long as you have prepared all things then you can make it.

The Materials of Bucket Hats

The original invention of the bucket hat was adopted the traditional cotton, tweed and stiff fabrics. Since it has through over a century’s development, the material of bucket hat has been made of several kinds of textures. Different materials have different styles and functions for people’s wearing. In general, bucket hats can be divided into six kinds of materials. They are velvet, sequins, plastic, patent leather, denim and cotton.

  • Velvet bucket hats

The bucket hat of velvet fabric is very suitable for winter wear. In winter, the bucket hat with this material is very warm. The khaki woollen coat is matched with a black velvet bucket hat to show the retro and modern atmosphere.

  • Sequins bucket hats

The bucket hat with black background is covered with colourful sequins, which embellishes the solid-colour bucket hat very well. It is very sexy with a black gauze dress, and the added sequins are shining in the sun, which is very suitable for travelling in summer. With this bucket hat, you will stand out from the crowd wherever you are.

  • Plastic bucket hats

Bucket hats have been favoured by haute couture brands since the past two years, with these big brands using different materials and silhouettes to give bucket hats new vitality. In last year, Chanel 2018 spring and summer series big show again pushed PVC item to the climax, including all kinds of PVC bags, coats and shoes. They have become a popular series for a long time. Chanel also launched this fairy style of PVC lucid bucket hats, which became a fashion item for street photographers and stars. This hat is perfect for rainy days, the headwear like an umbrella. This PVC lucid bucket hat is also comfortable and refreshing in summer. It has been played out by fashionistas, with some opting to wear this bucket hat in autumn and winter to create a sharp contrast. The white velvet dress is paired with a white bag, with a lucid PVC bucket hat, a pair of PVC boots, and a pair of PVC gloves. This PVC outfit looks good and stylish.

  • Patent leather bucket hats

This black patent leather bucket hat looks very shiny. It has a perfect waterproof function by using this patent leather material. Besides, it is very resistant to dirt. If the hat is dirty, you just need to wipe it with water. The black patent leather bucket hat with a black leather coat is a good match. This combination is very street style.

  • Denim bucket hats

The denim bucket hat with a white T-shirt is very simple and stylish which shows a person’s personality. The most attractive thing is that the outline of the brim is outlined by white lines on the surface of the hat, decorating the monotonous denim blue.

  • Cotton bucket hats

The cotton bucket hat is light, soft and breathable. The soft fabric of the bucket hat can be folded and put into the bag at any time. And the cotton bucket hat is the first choice for many people at present because this bucket hat is light and comfortable.

All in all, the bucket hat is now made of a variety of materials; different materials show different textures and give you different feelings.